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FIMEI Food Processor (UK/EU Version)

3 Speeds, 3.2L Bowl, 1.5L Blender Jug, Blender, Chopper, Mixer, Grinder, Citrus Juicer, Knead Dough Blades, Shredder, Slicing Attachments

  • Material: ABS,Aluminum Alloy,Plastic
  • Blade Material: Stainless Steel
  • Connector Type: Wiring
  • Wattage: 1100 Watts
  • Voltage: 120 Volts(AC)
  • Capacity: 2.1kilograms​
  • Product weight: 3.4900 kg
  • Package weight: 5.0200 kg
  • Product size (L x W x H): 22.00 x 22.00 x 45.00 cm / 8.66 x 8.66 x 17.72 inches
  • Package size (L x W x H): 40.70 x 27.50 x 40.70 cm / 16.02 x 10.83 x 16.02 inches
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Food Processor-UK (1).png
Food Processor-UK.jpg
  • 11 in 1 multifunctional food processor

  • 1100W powerful pure copper motor

  • Stainless steel operating bread, retro feel knob

  • 3 speeds control and pulse function

  • 3.2L chopper, 1.5L blender

  • 4 suction cups at the bottom for stability

  • high quality material & BPA free

  • Easy to Clean

Food Processor-UK (2).jpg

What You Can Get to Buy This Food Processor

  • 1 x Main Machine

  • 1 x Mixing Component

  • 1 x Bowl

  • 1 x Knife Blade

  • 1 x Dough-took Plastic Knife

  • 3 x Discs

  • 2 x Citrus Press Components

  • 1 x Plastic Knife

  • 1 x English Manual

Food Processor-UK (2).png
1100W Powerful Motor

Our FIMEI multifunction food processor with 1100W motor is ideal for preparing vegetables, making pastry and soups. You'll get the desired consistency in quality — with higher speed and thorough results.

Food Processor-UK (3).png
2 security locks

2 safety locks keep you and your child safe. Therefore, both safety locks need to be fully locked before the machine can work.

Note: If both the mixer and the grinder can work, but the mixing bowl does not work. Please check the two safety locks.

Food Processor-UK (4).png
Stable Base with 4 suction cups

With 4 suction cups and the weight of the base itself, the machine is more stable during operation, ensuring safety and better processing results.

Note: The suction cup needs to be cleaned regularly, otherwise the dust will prevent the suction cup from being sucked.

Food Processor-UK (5).png
Double sided Stainless Steel Blades


Full food grade stainless steel discs for slicing, shredding and grating, durable to use, easy to clean.


When using a round blade, please hold the round edge and do not touch the blade directly.

Food Processor-UK (6).png

The machine has a cutting knife that can be used to cut vegetables and meat.

Note: You need to install the driveshaft before installing the knife. Otherwise, the machine will not work.

Food Processor-UK (7).png
Knead Dough

The machine has a dough mixer that can be used to knead dough.

Note: You need to install the drive shaft before installing the knife. Otherwise the machine will not work.

Food Processor-UK (8).png

step 1

Place the mixing bowl on the base and rotate the locking safety lock

Food Processor-UK (9).png

step 2

Please Put the drive shaft in the bowl.

Note: All blades need to be installed with the drive shaft before they can start working.

Food Processor-UK (10).png

step 3

Select the blade according to your needs and install the blade on the drive shaft

Food Processor-UK (11).png

step 4

Put the lid on, rotate the lid, and lock the safety lock.

Note: Check if both safety locks are locked.


IF You Have Questions, Please Let us Know

1. What to do if the food processor does not work in the first use ?


  • You need to check whether the food processor is correctly installed. There are two safety locks needing to pay attention. You will hear the” click “ when you correctly install the food processor. 

  • If the food processor still not work, and LED light is on, send us message and we will give you a satisfactory solution.


2. What should I do after the machine's overheating protection automatically cuts off the power?


  • First you have to unplug the plug first, this step is very important.

  • Then wait until the machine cools down naturally, and then plug it in again.


4. During the first few times of use, the machine smelled of burning, is this normal?


  • This is normal. Motor-type machines will process the oil related to the motor at the factory, but after transportation, the smell may not be emitted. This smell will disappear completely after a few uses. You can use it with confidence.


5. The machine has 3 speeds. Is there a recommended speed match?


  • We suggest you

  • 1 speed:knead dough and orange juice

  • 2 speed:shredding

  • 3 speed:blend and grinding

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